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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Fox River Corn Socks
Fox River has recently annouced a new addition to their sock lineup. Their "Good Earth Collection" is made of 100% renewable resources and unlike other synthetic fibers, it does not use petroleum. Instead, making the Ingeo fiber involves a process of extracting sugars or corn starch from corn, which is then transformed into a polymer(plastic). The result is a hi performance product that is totally environment friendly. Fox River's testing of the new line of socks revealed that wearers preferred the comfort of the Good Earth socks over other synthetic socks.

The Good Earth Collection of socks range in styles from Athletic, to Casual, to Outdoor. If you support the movement to make more clean earth friendly products, you'll want to try Fox Rivers newest line of socks. Fox River is also a member of "One Percent For The Planet," which is an organization that donates 1% of their sales to environmental organizations worldwide.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
If you have ever worked on a farm where the primary crop was corn (as I have) then you realize that it takes an enormous amount of petroleum products just to grow, harvest and process the corn each year.

We had huge gas and diesel storage tanks on the farm...plus all of our trucks had big tanks in the bed with hand pumps on them...which is only one of the reasons why the ethanol gas craze is such a scam.

The same can be said for these socks...the amount of energy required to plasticize sugars is enormous, and that energy either came from an oil, coal or nuclear fired power plant.

Use your head and don't fall for exaggerated claims...all energy comes from somewhere...and the only non-petroleum energy comes from wind, solar, hydroelectric, nuclear and geothermal.

Since those are produced in minute quantites relative to total demand...the extraction and processing of the corn plastics...and the manufacturing, packaging and shipping of these socks makes them no better or worse on the enviroment than any other product out there.

Blogger OuterSports said...
I think you are overlooking something. Fox River has not joined the corn farming business so that they can make these corn socks. They are taking the leftovers from farmers who are already growing the stuff. The other point here is that when these socks are worn out, they return to mother earth naturally unlike their petroleum based counterparts. So overall, the product is more environmentally friendly.