A Clothing Layer Guide for Every Outdoor Activity
Monday, June 26, 2006
Ex Officio - Adventure Travel Wear
Do you want to know what brand is recommended for Adventure travel more than any other? Ex Officio. Here's why. Founded in 1987, Ex Officio set out to design innovative clothing that would specifically meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts. To meet those needs, the clothing would first have to solve some basic problems. That is where Ex Officios innovation kicked in.
One of the first problems Ex Officio set out to address was breathability. The solution: Ex Officio became the first company to introduce vented shirts that help control your body temperature. This feature helped put Ex Officio at the forefront of outdoor apparel along with a few other major breakthroughs in outdoor apparel design such as, quick-drying, moisture wicking fabrics, UV protective shirts, hats and pants, as well as stain resistance and insect repellant clothing. For more info about Ex Officio's bug repellant apparel Click Here . Some of the other innovations that you will find among Ex Officios clothing lineup include:
  • Security Zip pockets in Ex Officio shirts and pants
  • Ex Officio's Indestructible Button System in their pants and shorts
  • Ex Officio's line of convertible pants that zip off into shorts
  • Men's and Women's pants made of high tear strength ratio fabrics for rigorous activities

These are just a few of the options that ExOfficio has to offer. Each feature is designed with you and your favorite outdoor activities in mind which makes them perfect for Adventure Travel. You can find ExOfficio at almost any high quality outdoor stores like R.E.I. You can also find their product online. Once you've tested some of Ex Officio's quality outdoor apparel, you'll see why their brand is most often recommended.