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Friday, July 28, 2006
Clic Goggles and Sunglasses: Never Loose Your Eyewear Again
For those of you not satisfied with the current products on the market designed to keep your eyewear on your face or around you neck, there is a better product. It is a new line of eyewear that has the "granny-chain" built in. Ron Lando, founder and CEO of Clic says goodbye to lost eyewear with his ingenious new invention. The earpieces of Clic goggles and sunglasses continue around the back of the head and are seamlessly connected. You see, to remove them, you simply unclick the eye pieces just above your nose to remove them. The picture here speaks for itself. So how do they stay together? Two high strength magnets hold the bridge of the sunglasses or goggles together. Unclick them, lower them and click them back together to allow them to dangle around your neck. Clic eyewear has been around since 2000 and since then has added a number of new products to their line including Clic Readers, reading glasses with the same clic technology.