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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Keen - An innovative hybrid shoe
In 2003, I attended the famous Outdoor Retailer Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. There were so many different new products there, that by the time the show was over, I really couldn't remember all of the new products that I just browsed through. But one particular item caught my attention. A new line of hybrid shoes produced by the company Keen.
Martin Keen, the founder/designer of Keen Shoes has produced a new product that isn't just a shoe nor is it just a sandal. The Keen Newport is a hybrid, a mixture of shoe and sandal. The shoe has a closed toe and a shoelike sole, yet the rest of the upper is designed just like a sandal. I was so impressed with the new Keen shoe, that I wanted to buy a pair right there at the OR show. Unfortunately, for me, Keen Footwear had another show to attend and did not have enough to just sell them to anyone there at the show. But, with the success of this new design, it wasn't long before I found them in my local R.E.I. I bought a pair and I've found them to be a great all around shoe. I still wear them more than any other shoe that I own and I've had them over a year now. While the keen shoe will get you lots of attention becuase of its looks, you'll love them becaue of their versatility. For more information on the Keen shoe product lines, visit: www.keenfootwear.com
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