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Monday, June 19, 2006
Oakley Goggles- Not just a style
If you watched any of the last winter olympics you probably saw a few interviews with some of the top athletes from each winter event. What were most of the top snowboard and ski contenders wearing to protect their eyes? Most of them were sporting Oakley goggles of one style or another.

Oakley has been making sport eyewear for 30 years. With all of the knowledge and experience they've gained from being in the business so long, they know how to make the right goggle for every sport. I found this video clip that Oakley provides on their website featuring some top freestyle snowboarders that you'll want to check out Click Here .
Oakley sponsers many of the athletes that you see wearing Oakley goggles and eyewear. So you may be inclined to think that the athletes wear the Oakley brand just because they have to. Well, just the opposite is true. Oakley's founder Jim Jannard first entered the celebrity sponsor market soon after he was contacted by Tour de France Champion Greg Lemond, who wanted to know if Oakley's Eyeshades came in different colors.
Oakley goggles are at the high end of the goggle and eyewear market. You can expect to pay much more for a pair of Oakleys goggles than for most any other brand. But the style is not all that there is to the eyewear. Try on a pair and you'll see why everyone is wearing them.
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