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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Cycling - What should I wear
Reflective Clothing

It is dangerous to ride your bike on the road. Even with all the right signaling, LED lights, and correct bicycle etiquette, perfect weather, and bright sunlight, it is dangerous to share the road with cars. Drivers are careless. They don't pay attention. They look away for two seconds and that's all it takes for you to get in their way. The best you can do is take every possible precaution to make sure you are seen - from a distance as well as up close. The only way to do that is reflective clothing.
Safety clothing is as essential to a biker's gear as the helmet on her head and the water bottle attached to the frame of the bike. Reflective vests, reflective belts, even reflector tape are indispensable when it comes to safety. Lightweight, reflective clothing won't slow you down, so you can work on your speed knowing that you have taken every precaution to protect yourself.

Deena spends a lot of time testing reflective gear and lights and finding out the best and newest ways to be safe when out at night. Visit her pedestrian safety blog at blog.dontgethit.com. You can also visit her store at www.dontgethit.com
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