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Thursday, May 25, 2006
Climbing - What Should I wear
Climbing Gym
If you are new to rock climbing and and just want to get a feel for it before you start buying all of the gear for it, I recommend visiting your local climbing gym. Climbing gyms will have everything you need for your first go at climbing. The climbs typically range from beginner to advanced. So what should you wear to a climbing gym? The general rule to stick with is to wear loose fitting clothing that will allow full freedom of movement. If you are comfortable wearing it, the other option is to wear stretchy tighter fitting athletic clothing like you would see a jogger wearing. The climbing facility will usually require you to wear a simple sit harness in which you will tie into. If your clothing is too bulky, it will make it harder and more uncomfortable to wear the harness. If you have long hair, you will want to pull it back so that it is out of the way and free from getting caught in your belay rope. For footwear, you can just use tennis shoes or some other low top sneaker. It is probably better to start out with regular shoes instead of real climbing shoes so that you become more conscious of how to get your feet positioned on the different holds and crack on the climbing wall.
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